Have you ever felt like you're being pelted by a 'should storm'? 


I should work out more.

It should be easier for me to find a job that I like.

Meal planning should be a more integrated part of my life.

and so on.

I have your umbrella right here.

As an ontological coach, my role is not to tell you what to do, how to be. We work together to weather your storms using humor and heart; we discover your barriers to joy and turn them into the building blocks for the life that you want. We will find your inner voice and learn to tune in and interpret the messages your body is sending. I don't have a script or a formula for you - we will develop that together in a space of deep learning and soul searching. 

It starts with discovery.

Your complimentary discovery session can happen in person, online, or on the telephone. During this one-hour meeting, we'll get to know each other's style and rhythm. We'll establish where you are now - because this is your starting point - and scout where you want to be. This is also a time where we can determine goals and deadlines, and create our roadmap for working together. 

This is our foundational assumption:

all of the answers already live inside of you.

You are amazing just as you are, but you may have stumbled across some debris on your path and you could use some help to get over, under, or through it. Through deep learning, we'll dissect your barriers and identify their components, then pick up the right tools to clear the way for you to continue your journey. 

This is a partnership. The coaching relationship doesn't involve me giving you my answers. It's about figuring out ways for you to listen to what your inner voice is telling you, then co-creating a plan for action. 

How will we work together?

We will meet weekly for one hour. This meeting can take place in person, on the phone/online, or a combination. I ask that you commit to a three month initial coaching relationship, and we will reassess at the end of that period.

You may ask, what about the coach-as-you-go model? In my experience, that's not as effective. Why? Because at some point this will become more difficult, and you may want to throw your hands up and quit. Those periods of wanting to quit are essential to breaking through your barriers - sitting in discomfort is how we learn what it feels like to move forward. That being said, working together is not a part of a contractual obligation - it's an agreement to stay in this work together. I have found that an initial period of three months is yields the most positive results, and then we can go from there.  

If you come to that quitting cusp, I strongly encourage that we have one more session to figure out why you've come to that place, because there's nearly always a way we can turn it around together.  

What will you gain?

I've found that through coaching, people tend to develop more convictions in their decisions. They gain new insights through being able to recognize what's emerging from fear or anxiety around ill-defined goals and objectives. We all have what I call 'Gremlins' - these ugly, snarling creatures fed by self-doubt, multiplying in times of fear. Through our work together, you'll develop skills to quiet the gremlins in your head.

Now what?

What has you seeking now? What's burning in your head & heart?

If we discover that we are a good match, we co-create the plan and envision the way forward.